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Episode 16 – A sad truth or a miss truth?

When Kenzie, Nic Russell’s daughter was 2 she was diagnosed with cancer and sadly died. But there was another challenge, Nic also had a 5 year old son that she needed to support through this journey. In this episode, Nic talks about how important it is to be honest and open with children about death and how she founded Kenzie’s Gift, a research-based support resource especially for children and young people.

Episode 15 – How are you being?

Weddings, christening, namings and divorce rituals, At 71 years, celebrant Keith King has done them all but his favourite is funerals. Keith tells host Timothy Giles about supporting people through their own death and answers the question of how to die.

Episode 14 – Righteous Anger

Reverend Mua Strickson-Pua has 30 years ministry serving generations through life, and loss. As host Timothy Giles seeks tips from Rev Mua on surviving and thriving, emotions arise, anger and tears, ending in a moment of magic.

Episode 13 – Host in the Hot Seat

Our host Timothy Giles swaps seats this week to share his grief. Guest Aston Wells returns. Having shared his devastation and adaptation to life without his treasured brother Sean, he’s back to check on Timothy after the sudden death of his big brother Paul.

Episode 12 – My Mentor in Mourning

Jill Goldson of Family Matters has in an earlier episode, coached us through coping with the losses that come with Covid. Today she shares the more personal and profound struggles she faces, since the death of her husband Malcolm. Has her personal professional skill set as a highly credentialed counselor, researcher and academic eased her grief reflex? Host Timothy Giles is surprised by the answer. 

Episode 11 – Brother where art thou?

Fighting Fit. Perfectly describes Sean Wells. Sean’s older brother Aston, discovered Sean in bed one morning, cold and dead. He died of natural but still unclear causes. Aston’s life collapsed and he tells our host and Wells’ family friend Timothy Giles of ten years grief driven risk taking and addiction, a life on the edge, until finally finding acceptance and peace with the grief for his lost and deeply loved brother.

Episode 10 – When grief isn’t cause by death

Can you grieve something other than the loss of a loved one? What is this strange feeling of lethargy and sadness if no one had died? In Maria Millar’s second episode, she talks to our host Timothy Giles about understanding feelings of grief that are due to a loss other than death. Loss of a job, a dream, a career, a relationship, we grieve all those things and allowing ourselves to can make all the difference.

Episode 9 – By her own hand

Host Timothy Giles talks with his friend and old workmate, Mark Wilson, about Mark’s experience of his wife’s suicide.

Episode 8 – Death did us part

Trish Guttenbeil did not sign up for widowhood, but she couldn’t escape it either. After the death from Cancer of her husband Jason, Trish failed to find the support she needed. So she talks to host Timothy Giles to help other widows find the help they need.

Episode 7 – Covid stops play

Recorded between lockdowns, when counsellor and academic Jill Goldson of Family Matters came in to talk about widowhood, having lost her husband Malcolm. Host Timothy Giles took the chance to talk Covid, A challenge unsettling us all.

Episode 6 – Schooled in death

Teenage funeral professional Daetona Rawiri has found his dream job. It’s an unusual career to start out so young. Equally unusual is his vision for education. He tells host TImothy Giles It’s time for death education in schools. 

Episode 5 – A caring profession

39 years as a Funeral Director and Embalmer, Martin Williams answers every question host Timothy Giles has on working with death. But, as he demonstrates with a moving end to this chat, he says nobody escapes the impacts of grief. 

Episode 4 – Unnatural Grief

Infant death, miscarriage, still birth. A pain carried by many but sadly, few speak of. Sara Lane of SANDS tells host Timothy Giles, how to support and talk with bereaved parents and sharing the grief of leaving maternity hospital, with empty arms.

Episode 3 – Who are we?

At a Loss Producer, Karen Earl, steps into the role of interviewer, to offer us an insight into why this podcast is and draw out our host, Timothy Giles, on his motivation and approach to being, At a Loss.

Episode 2 – Do not remember them

Covid affects all aspects of life, including death. Funerals restricted then banned. How would deceased be handled, moved, buried, cremated? Who made the rules In the crises of Covid? Gary Taylor, President of the Funeral Directors’ Association gives our host Timothy Giles a privileged insight into death in pandemic.

Episode 1 – Is it good to talk about grief?

Let’s start at the beginning. Counsellor and bereavement specialist Maria MIllar takes our host, Timothy Giles, through the basics of grief, surviving it and how to help someone living with loss.