A podcast series of conversations about living with grief and loss. Hosted by Timothy Giles and proudly supported by Davis Funeral services, this podcast brings to the fore, conversations around those subjects we find difficult and sometimes taboo to talk about such as infant loss, suicide, widowhood and even such delicate subjects as embalming, care of the deceased and moving on to new relationships after the death of a spouse.

Host Timothy Giles is a funeral celebrant who uses his work experiences and contacts to talk people through tough times and trauma. Every conversation is rich in personal experience and delivers us hard won wisdom for life. Tips and insight on getting through and living a full life, even when death makes its present felt.

Producer Karen Earl works within the funeral industry and has seen the ongoing effects that not having these important conversations have on people. Her hope for this podcast is twofold; to normalise and legitimise the feelings of grief and loss in listeners so that they can begin the grief journey with tools that will enable them to continue to live life fully. Also, to educate and inform listeners so that they’re able to make the decisions that we will all need to make when the time comes.